X marks the spot!

As part of our topic about ‘Treasure’ this term, the Year One children have been learning how to make a treasure map.

We began by using coffee to stain our paper to make it look old and authentic.

The children then drew their maps and created a ‘key’ to show what each symbol on the map represented.


Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school Hedgehogs!

We are really looking forward to seeing you all and hearing about your summer holiday.

We are very excited to welcome our new Reception children to Hamsey School over the coming weeks too.

I thought I would share a very special photograph from my summer holiday. Lots of you know how I enjoy gardening and have been trying to attract lots of wildlife into my garden…

Our first Hedgehog arrived in our garden a few weeks ago and happily enjoyed eating all the worms it could find! I hope you like the photograph.

I hope you are all excited to see your friends next week.

From, Mrs Baker


Term 6 – Week 5

Hi Hedgehogs,

I hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend.

My weekend was very special as I collected two kittens to join our family. It has been so much fun watching them chase each other around the house play fighting!

We have really enjoyed spending time with you at school. For the few of you still completing home learning, here are the maths links you can use:

Video Links

Lesson 1 – Ordering numbers

Lesson 1 Answers – Ordering numbers

Lesson 2 – Recognising coins

Lesson 2 Answers – Recognising coins

Lesson 3 – Recognising notes

Lesson 3 Answers – Recognising notes

Lesson 4 – Counting in coins

Lesson 4 Answers – Counting in coins

Remember you can also look at MyMaths, or BBC Bitesize, for some English and Topic ideas also. Enjoy your week.

Miss Finch and Mrs Baker


Term 6 – Week 4

Did you know it was the longest day of the year this weekend? What did you notice about the Longest day? Did it have an impact on your life? Do you know why Stonehenge is an important part of this day? Can you find out with your adult?


Good morning Hedgehogs,

It has been so lovely to see most of you return to school last week. We had a lovely time together, though the weather was a little cooler!

For those of you still at home, I am providing you with the White Rose maths links you can use for this week.

Video Links

Lesson 1 – Counting to 100Lesson 2 – Partitioning numbersLesson 3 – Comparing numbers (1)Lesson 4 – Comparing numbers (2)

Lesson 1 Answers – Counting to 100Lesson 2 Answers – Partitioning numbersLesson 3 Answers – Comparing numbers (1)Lesson 4 Answers – Comparing numbers (2)

Remember you can use the Oak National Academy website for some other lesson activity ideas:

Year 1 subjects

or BBc Bitesize:

BBC Bitesize – Yr 1

Have a good week.

Hopefully see you all soon.

Miss Finch & Mrs Baker



Term 6 – Week 3

Good morning Hedgehogs,

It has been so lovely to have many of you return to school and for us to spend time together again. I really hope the remaining few children can join us very soon. If you haven’t received a phone call from us yet, we will be getting in touch with you within the next few weeks.

Last week, we had a lovely time using the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears as the focus for our learning: we had a go at writing speech bubbles, thought bubbles, and apology letters! We also became scientists – exploring materials and investigating their properties.

goldilocks         materials

Here are the links for the White Rose for any children still working from home:


Lesson 1 Make arrays 2020Lesson 2 Make doubles 2020Lesson 3 Make equal groups – sharing 2020Lesson 4 Make equal groups – grouping 2020


Lesson 1 Answers Make arrays 2020Lesson 2 Answers Make doubles 2020Lesson 3 Answers Make equal groups – sharing 2020Lesson 4 Answers Make equal groups – grouping 2020

Have a lovely week,

See you soon, we hope.

Miss Finch and Mrs Baker



Term 6 Week 2

Good morning Hedgehogs,

We hope you are all safe and well.  It was so lovely to go back to school last week and see some of our Hedgehog children, we miss you all and would love to see more of you come back and join us, when you can. We had such a great time catching up with our news, having fun playing games and re-starting our learning. We loved the story of The Tiger Who Came to Tea! Did you get chance to read it?

The Tiger who came to tea

Here are the links for the Year 1 White Rose resources this week:

Video Links

Lesson 1:

Lesson 1 Count in 2s 2019

Lesson 1 Answers Count in 2s 2019

Lesson 2:

Lesson 2 Count in 5s 2019

Lesson 2 Answers Count in 5s 2019

Lesson 3:

Lesson 3 Count in 10s 2020

Lesson 3 Answers Count in 10s 2020

Lesson 4:

Lesson 4 Add equal groups 2020

Lesson 4 Answers Add equal groups 2020

Have a great week and hope to see you all again soon!

From Miss Finch and Mrs Baker.


White Rose Resources for the week


Hello lovely Hedgehogs,

I hope you are all safe and well and have enjoyed your half term. Hasn’t the glorious weather been fantastic? We have been so lucky!

We are looking forward to seeing most of you again at school, but for those of you who are staying at home a while longer we will provide you with an Overview of Learning for Term 6 as well as a weekly blog (on Mondays) for you to access the White Rose Year One resources from home (reception children if you want a challenge, you are more than welcome to attempt this work also).

If you have any problems accessing the links, or questions regarding the work we have suggested please do inform us, either by putting a message on the blog or by emailing the school and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

White Rose Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Measure mass 2019

Lesson 1 Answers – Measure mass 2019


Lesson 2 – Compare mass 2019

Lesson 2 Answers – Compare mass 2019


Lesson 3 – Introduce capacity and volume 2019

Lesson 3 Answers – Introduce capacity and volume 2019


Lesson 4 – Measure capacity 2019

Lesson 4 Answers – Measure capacity 2019

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

From Miss Finch & Mrs Baker