We wanted to say a huge thank you to Amber for running our yoga and mindfulness session today.

We feel much more relaxed and it was the perfect way to start out first week back at school after the Christmas holidays. 004


This week the children have been learning how to share/divide using objects.

Every time we divided up objects we checked that each person had an equal amount. 035

Forest School

Today at Forest School we made bird feeders. We mixed seeds and margarine and stuck the mixture into all the cracks of a pine cone. We can hang them in our gardens to keep the birds fed during the cold winter.

Some of us also had the chance to saw discs of wood using the saw. One person held the end of the log while Laura helped the other person saw back and forth. We then decorated our disc to look like a winter robin with a lovely red breast.

We watched as Laura showed us how to build a fire. She started with a bed of dry sticks on the wet ground and then some tiny twigs, then some sticks as thick as your thumb, and lastly some sticks as thick as your arm! Laura boiled water over the fire to make our hot chocolate.